Cost-saving Wedding Tips

It’s the budget, silly! And it’s necessary to keep it in check. There are many ways to approach a wedding. Most weddings in the US cost an average of $28,000 – $32,000. That’s an average, not a rule. Depending on where weddings are held has a huge impact on the budget. Fifty percent of a wedding budget is always reserved for the reception venue, catering, bar and beverages, dessert bar and ceremony venue (if held in different locations).

Budgeting is a core concept to manage how much you’ll spend on each category and serves as a guideline for your priorities. Prioritizing your budget will help you determine where you want the biggest bang for your buck. Is it an awesome band to dance the night away? Are you a foodie, and want to offer fabulous cuisine? Every couple has their “thing” and it’s important to let your planner or wedding vendor know what it is prior to making commitments in a contractual way. The fun part of budgeting is replenishing one category that in affect bolsters another category, where a family member covers, say your wedding dress or other item.

One method for controlling costs is selecting a venue that offers a vast array of tables, chairs, and other benefits (options for rain plan, extra space for storage, full catering kitchen, etc.). If your venue has multiple locations onsite that offers an outdoor garden and a backup rain plan option, that will prevent you from renting a tent. Tents and labor for setup get up in price, by the thousands. If the venue has 100 chairs and 10 60 inch round tables, that’s a great start to supporting your hosting needs.

It’s nice to uncover a location that truly works for you, your family and guests. If it offers an in-house catering service, that’s fantastic so long as. you’ve experienced their food product. It may not be something you like and how can you make that decision without a tasting?Once you’ve locked yourself into that venue, it limits what vendors you can select.

All venues are not equal. That’s a fact. If it’s a beautiful location, but hard to get to and/or has no parking, then you’ll be dealing with providing transportation for your guests or valet parking. Both are easy to arrange, but they come at a cost and that includes tipping the service providers.

Get Organized

Yes… you have to be organized in order to reduce anxiety and stress. Weddings, like most events, have many moving parts. On game-day, you’ll need to have your decor items labeled, someone in charge of seating, an aunt to cut the cake, and staff to serve your guests. Having these details in a spreadsheet and/or notebook is critical.

Organize your event, and the rest will follow. These are the tools we like to use most:;;; and Google Suite.

My daily planner

My daily planner is a year-in-planning calendar, which has a full month page layout and then 7-day week daily on the following pages. I can project next year’s events on a full year calendar, to place a “W” next to weddings and obligations so that I don’t inadvertently double book.

I find great calendars at HomeGoods or TJMaxx. They are my go-to’s for office accessories. I always find a cute cover and matching accessories at a slightly lower price, then if I had purchased them elsewhere. There are many resources online to keep you up to date. Google suite or Office365 have great calendars, which can be integrated with other applications for syncing.

“Be your best self always. Treat everyone with respect, love, and compassion.


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