“Tag” You’re It! Vendors We Love!

We love our professional wedding vendors! So much so, that we play a game of “Tag, Your’e It!” on our social media channels to highlight them and why we use them. Serving with other professionals is our pleasure. We’ve been at this a long while now. Joan Day Weddings has been serving clients since 2007. Located initially, right in the heart of Washington, D.C. Now, centrally located in the Midlands area of Columbia, South Carolina, Joan Day Weddings’ network of highly-qualified, professional, vendors is vast and established. We know how challenging it can be to find a good vendor that you feel is worthy of your trust, business and signing a contract with!


#1 – Interview each vendor. Even several per category until you are completely comfortable with their answers, offerings, terms of service, and cancelation policy. Are they the kind of vendor you see yourself being happy with on your big day? If not, move on!

#2 – Ask for samples of their work and personal references. Google Reviews, as well as, The Knot and Wedding Wire, are other great resources to see what the buzz is about the vendor.

Much of the time, you’re comparing a Mandarine Orange to a Lady Gala Apple. Don’t fall subject to this fruit swap!

Joan Day Duerr, Owner + Visionary of Joan Day Weddings

#3 – Cost isn’t the qualifier! You really need to understand that you’re not always comparing apples to apples. Much of the time, you’re comparing a Mandarine Orange to a Lady Gala Apple. The shapes are slightly similar, but the color, scent, and taste are completely unique and apart from one another. One deejay does not equal another. One full-service caterer does not equal a non-full-service caterer. Their services and what they will cover for you are different and that’s the element of surprise for couples when they discover their catering company isn’t providing linens, silverware, or setup of the venue’s table and chairs. Ahhh,… ha!!! That is how their proposal came in $1,000 cheaper than their competitor.

#4 – Use your sensibility and tastes as the qualifier. Setup an expectation list of what you really want out of your wedding day. If it’s amazing food, or awesome entertainment, then make those adjustments in your wedding budget allocations, per category. That way you are able to serve a 5-star dining experience if you’re a foodie. Everyone’s happy!

Use your sensibility and tastes as the qualifier.

Joan Day Duerr, Owner + Visionary of Joan Day Weddings

#5 – Key Take Away – All vendors are not made the same. For example, Joan Day Weddings begins communications with all on-site coordination clients immediately upon hire. It doesn’t matter whether it’s 10 months before or 1.5 years out. It’s included. The services and meetings begin three months prior to the couple’s wedding date. This covers coordination of your venue walk through, final details with your catering company, and relaying all final numbers to your vendors. Other coordinators may not be meeting with you until two weeks prior to your wedding date. That leaves all the Finishing Touches and Final Weeks tasks up to you!

We’ve got an extensive, awesome Preferred Vendor network here in South Carolina. We have worked with many photographers and deejay entertainment companies outside of SC. Your photographers love to travel. Sometimes you can bring in an outsider for less than hiring a local. Crazy, right??? But, it’s worth exploring websites and images to see what style is truly yours.

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2021… It’s a New Year! Joan Day Weddings Introduces an Online Wedding Planning Resource for DIY Couples

As we approach our personal goals and objectives for 2021, we must dig deep to discover how to make it in this new world. And yes, I am referring to the global pandemic. Where do we begin in an era of uncertainty and unprecedented circumstance? We begin at home, with ourselves, our outlook, and our own household.

When I began thinking about how to best serve clients amidst COVID-19, I began to see that I had neglected an opportunity to share my experiences with the many, instead of the few. I had always been a one-on-one, practice of working with clients, in-person, on-site or day-of. What I began to realize is there are many couples out there that have the hope and dream of getting married, but the resources to do so are widely varied. My business model had inadvertently cut out a huge number of couples.

Elopement Mini – Savannah Sirois Photography

This realization birthed into Joan Day’s Wedding Thread School; an online, easy to use, events planning resource center for Do It Yourself couples that need guidance, insight and a place to check in during their planning process. By gaining the perspective of a seasoned professional, without committing thousands of dollars for access, this school can help anyone, anywhere, regardless of limited resources.

For $39.99 per month, couples can become members of The Wedding Thread Club. The membership provides access to a 20+ year professional wedding planner, and a wealth of information, available 24/7, through their desktop or smart phone. Everything from how to create a wedding timeline, to photography schedule, to downloadable spreadsheets for managing guests seating and developing a realistic budget. We host private group chats where couples can jump online with me to ask pertinent questions on their respective wedding or event. Live Events will go on, exclusively for this group, as well as significant bulk-purchasing opportunities with invitations and specialty gifts.

Joan Day’s Wedding Thread School is housed on Teachable.com. There are two free offers, or I like to say an introduction to what the school offers. We would love to have you visit our school and enroll in these Freebies! Check it out!