Riverside, Golden Sunset Wedding Ceremony

Riverside Ceremony in West Columbia, SC. Photo by A Russtic Touch Photography.
Welcome Entrance by Stone River Pavilion. Photo by A Russtic Touch Photography.
Floral Centerpiece By Design florist. Photo by A Russtic Touch Photography.

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Sparkler Send-off at the entrance of Stone River. Photo by A Russtic Touch Photography.

2021… It’s a New Year! Joan Day Weddings Introduces an Online Wedding Planning Resource for DIY Couples

As we approach our personal goals and objectives for 2021, we must dig deep to discover how to make it in this new world. And yes, I am referring to the global pandemic. Where do we begin in an era of uncertainty and unprecedented circumstance? We begin at home, with ourselves, our outlook, and our own household.

When I began thinking about how to best serve clients amidst COVID-19, I began to see that I had neglected an opportunity to share my experiences with the many, instead of the few. I had always been a one-on-one, practice of working with clients, in-person, on-site or day-of. What I began to realize is there are many couples out there that have the hope and dream of getting married, but the resources to do so are widely varied. My business model had inadvertently cut out a huge number of couples.

Elopement Mini – Savannah Sirois Photography

This realization birthed into Joan Day’s Wedding Thread School; an online, easy to use, events planning resource center for Do It Yourself couples that need guidance, insight and a place to check in during their planning process. By gaining the perspective of a seasoned professional, without committing thousands of dollars for access, this school can help anyone, anywhere, regardless of limited resources.

For $39.99 per month, couples can become members of The Wedding Thread Club. The membership provides access to a 20+ year professional wedding planner, and a wealth of information, available 24/7, through their desktop or smart phone. Everything from how to create a wedding timeline, to photography schedule, to downloadable spreadsheets for managing guests seating and developing a realistic budget. We host private group chats where couples can jump online with me to ask pertinent questions on their respective wedding or event. Live Events will go on, exclusively for this group, as well as significant bulk-purchasing opportunities with invitations and specialty gifts.

Joan Day’s Wedding Thread School is housed on Teachable.com. There are two free offers, or I like to say an introduction to what the school offers. We would love to have you visit our school and enroll in these Freebies! Check it out!

Welcome to The Wedding Thread

2020 has been an unpredictable year filled with many obstacles beyond our control. My approach to challenges is to “get to work,” and turn all of my attention to the things that I can influence. My business has been the point of my focus and it’s amazing all that has been accomplished.

My vision is for 2021 to be the best year ever! It’s time for Joan Day Weddings to think BIG! We’ve been planning custom curated events since 2007, and as the single-owner, female entrepreneur, I have 20+ years in the hospitality and tourism industry to share. Knowledge is an invaluable commodity. It’s helpful tips to navigating contracts, how to select great vendors and avoiding the not such great ones, handpicking awesome templates and not losing time on those that hiccup when printing, and many other tried and true methods that come with this length of experience.

I want to broaden our influence and scope. Where does one begin? With the global pandemic closing down shops, stores, hair salons, and day-to-day business in general, everyone was scrambling to become a virtual resource. Fortunately, we’ve been planning and working remotely for years. Most of our clients live out of state, and need a home-based organization to assist with their wedding or event planning. Our mindset has always been custom, personalized services, delivered in-person, for day-of wedding or corporate events management, assisting with event decor, event flow, day-of setup, entertainment, and overall esthetics. Well … not anymore! It’s time to grow online and in a significant way.

Today, we’ve decided to broaden our scope, and cast a much larger net. We have established an online school, Joan Day’s Wedding Thread School hosted through Teachable.com. I am taking my business and experience to the next level. JD has jumped into the virtual world with both feet! Now offering exclusive membership to the Joan Day Wedding Thread School; an online informational and instructional school for DIY couples that wish to save funds on their wedding, but still have access to an expert at a small fraction of the cost. This is an option that a bride or groom can afford, no matter what their wedding budget or their location.

Also, we have established our own online store. We can now assist our clients with specialty items, such as groom’s gift and bridesmaids’ matching accessories, household goods, and a multitude of other options for couples. We have invested in a Cricut Maker and will be offering even greater design options for welcome baskets, custom favors, and detailed programs, or invitation ensembles.

I am excited to be launching our new journal, The Wedding Thread and coach others on how to host an event with style and grace. Hospitality is at the cornerstone of everything good. If you’ve got that one thing covered, the rest will follow. From my home to yours, welcome to The Wedding Thread.

My daily planner

My daily planner is a year-in-planning calendar, which has a full month page layout and then 7-day week daily on the following pages. I can project next year’s events on a full year calendar, to place a “W” next to weddings and obligations so that I don’t inadvertently double book.

I find great calendars at HomeGoods or TJMaxx. They are my go-to’s for office accessories. I always find a cute cover and matching accessories at a slightly lower price, then if I had purchased them elsewhere. There are many resources online to keep you up to date. Google suite or Office365 have great calendars, which can be integrated with other applications for syncing.

“Be your best self always. Treat everyone with respect, love, and compassion.


What’s next …